Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Gospel is not a new way to win at the old game

There are those who are astonished at grace and those who are not.

Both would agree that we have continuing struggles with sin.
Both would agree that Jesus has died for our sins.

But the non-astonished seem to think that the important end-game, the goal of being Christian, is to be more successful at keeping the law. If there is grace, it is to produce this success under the law. And the presence and gift of the Holy Spirit is a means to this end. In the end, it's a new way to win at the old game.

On the other hand, astonishment dawns on us when we realize that the blood of Jesus has won the old game completely. Instead of saying that the blood of Christ is the beginning of our entry into righteous living, we say that we have been declared completely and eternally righteous.

Jim McNeely


Link: Our being in Christ is the goal of the law
(Our being under the law is not the goal of Christ.)

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momT said...

Steve, I thought I would share one with you.

"Not only are we ourselves in the hand of the Lord, but all that surrounds us. Our times make up a kind of atmosphere of existence; and all this is under Divine arrangement. We dwell within the palm of God's hand. We are absolutely at His disposal and all our circumstances are arranged by Him in all their details. We are comforted to have it so."-Spurgeon 1891