Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's not trust in my belief. (That's the trap)

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Instead faith is entirely confidence in another. It's what pushes us away from any confidence in self.  So that ultimately in that emptiness of trust in us, we are ready for the freight that's going down the canal. 
And the freight that's going down the canal is God's grace.  I have to provide for you what you cannot provide for yourself. Faith is not so much something we build in ourselves. It's an emptying of ourselves. It's ultimately saying there's nothing in me. I rely entirely upon God. In the historic christian statements, faith is receiving and resting upon Christ alone for our salvation.

It's not trust in my faith. It's not trust in my belief. You know, that's that trap. Do you understand that? That's the trap -- that we will forever go through our lives saying alright, do I have enough of this faith thing? Do I have sufficient quality or quantity of it? Instead of saying, no, listen, my faith is that God provides everything I need. I'm just collapsing upon Christ. I'm not looking to something in me.
-- Bryan Chapell

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