Friday, November 15, 2013

The real issue is whether we understand His welcome

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So at the end of the service the pastor walked to her and simply asked, "Would you like to know the forgiveness that is in Jesus Christ, and the help that He can give you."   
And her eyes once fallen now fell even deeper, toward the floor, filled with tears.  And to the question, "Would you like to know Jesus, His forgiveness and help.", she said,  "I am not worthy." 
To which the pastor said, "The issue is not whether you are worthy, but whether you are welcome."   
What Jesus is doing in this particular passage is reminding us of what the real issue is.  In terms of His offer of His help and forgiveness to others, He is making it very clear ... the issue is not whether we are worthy, but whether we understand His welcome
If we don't understand that, something will wither in us too.  So that the welcome that God expects to extend through us, not only doesn't echo, but we don't even feel it any more ... if we don't understand that the issue is not worthiness, but welcome.

-- Bryan Chapell
Sermon, Nov. 3, 2013, at Grace Presbyterian Church  

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