Sunday, June 16, 2013

My hope is in a spring, not a watering trough

A watering trough needs to be filled with a pump or bucket brigade ...

... God is a mountain spring, not a watering trough ...

If you want to glorify the worth of a watering trough you work hard to keep it full and useful. But if you want to glorify the worth of a spring you do it by getting down on your hands and knees and drinking to your heart’s satisfaction, until you have the refreshment and strength to go back down in the valley and tell people what you’ve found.

My hope as a desperate sinner hangs on this truth: that God is the kind of God who will be pleased with the one thing I have to offer — my thirst. That is why the sovereign freedom and self-sufficiency of God are so precious: they are the foundation of our hope that God is delighted not by the resourcefulness of bucket brigades, but by the bending down of broken sinners to drink at the fountain of grace.

John Piper
from, The Pleasures of God, pages 196–197

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