Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are you processing whether you are fit for His mercy?

That which He wrought out in His heart's blood, would He barter it with us for our tears, and vows, ...and feelings and works?  He is not reduced to make a market of Himself.  He will give freely, as beseems His royal love.

But he that offereth a price to Him knows not with whom he is dealing, nor how grievously he vexes His free Spirit.  Empty-handed sinners may freely have what they will.  All that they can possibly need is in Jesus, and he gives it for the asking.

But we must believe that He is all in all, and we must not dare to breathe a word about completing what he has finished, or fitting ourselves for what He freely gives to us as undeserving sinners.
-- Charles Spurgeon, from, "Around the Wicket Gate"

God, the great Father, must not be so dishonored in your thoughts as to be conceived of as requiring a price of you!  You displease Him when you think that you are to do something or feel something or bring something in your hands as a recommendation to Him.
-- Charles Spurgeon, sermon, "Without money and without price."

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