Sunday, June 10, 2012

This thing called trust

And as I see that I cannot trust much of what is going on around me, I’ve been struck recently by how often I trust myself in all the wrong ways. I am so prone to believe my own terrible advice, and so prone to doubt and despair when things don’t work out the way I think they should.

...When I lose hope and despair, does that not show that I am more confident in the strength of the world than the strength of my God Who created it? I trust my ability to understand the situation I am in instead of trusting the almighty God Who is at work in even the most difficult of circumstances. I am more confident in my own weakness than I am in God’s strength. In the end, it’s a worship issue. I am not worshiping God when I forsake His word for my own advice. I am not worshiping God when I refuse to trust Him with all that is going on.

It’s all backwards. I’m all backwards. And I need the Gospel to rescue me once again from these things. ...God calls me to trust Him, to rely on Him, to worship Him. He calls me to be free of my own self-confidence, self-reliance, self-worship. He calls me to doubt myself and believe in Him. Only in Christ are we able to say that we are both more sinful and weak than we would like to admit, and yet more loved that we could ever dare to dream.

I’m trying to trust myself less, even as I realize that so much around me is like shifting sand and untrustworthy. This world is subject to constant change, and my heart seems to flow right with it. I need a Rock to stand on. Fortunately Jesus has given us that Rock—Himself. And, as I seek to love and know Him, He continually reminds me that He has made me one with Him and His Father, and I really have nothing to fear. I’m so thankful that He does not leave me to die as I trust myself, but rescues me even then.

--David Bibee
from his blog post: here

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