Sunday, December 27, 2009

When my best deeds still avoid a savior

Christians come to see that both their sins and their best deeds have all really been ways of avoiding Jesus as savior.

A Christian comes to say: “Though I have often failed to obey the moral law, the deeper problem was why I was trying to obey it! Even my efforts to obey it have been just a way of seeking to be my own savior. In that mindset, even if I obey or ask for forgiveness, I am really resisting the gospel and setting myself up as Savior.”

To “get the gospel” is to turn from self-justification and rely on Jesus’ record for a relationship with God. The irreligious don’t repent at all, and the religious only repent of sins. But Christians also repent of their righteousness.

- Tim Keller, “The Centrality of the Gospel”

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