Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dead to the Law

So we die to the law in union with Christ when He dies. And in this union we have a new partner who is alive ... He's not a list! ... He's alive and He's in us, and He loves us. He's all over us. He's for us. He's power within, not pressure from without. And He's sweet and He's all satisfying and nothing compares to Him. And out of that union of us with our living, loving, all glorious, all satisfying Christ comes offspring, or fruit, called obedience.

Love, service, sacrifice, Christ-likeness ... Like fruit it comes, on a vine, not like tinsel on a tree. So many people try to do the christian life without knowing these things, experiencing these things, and the best they can do is take tinsel and put it on the tree of their lives. The tinsel of bible reading, and the tinsel of prayer, and the tinsel of going to church, and the tinsel of not committing adultery, and the tinsel of voting right. It has zero to do with Christianity. It's not Christianity.

-- John Piper
Sermon, (Audio version)
Dead To The Law, Serving In The Spirit - Part 1 (01-28-01)


mom T said...

Well said, but the only ones who can comprehend it are those who already know it. But it is nice to see it in writing. Good for refreshing the soul

mom T said...

I tried to put some "tinsel" on the tree and was rejected :-). Long story. I'll tell you when I see you.